For Powertools to work properly on your domain, please make sure that all of the following requirements are fulfilled. 

Google Apps Domain

Topic Description
Google Apps Domain Your Google account must have a domain (like registered with G Suite.

GSuite subscription plan Your GSuite subscription plan must be either Basic, Business or Enterprise.
Powertools features are not guaranteed to work with the legacy Google Apps legacy free edition (Google Apps Standard Edition).
User permissions Only a domain administrator of your G Suite domain can install Powertools.

Third party applications
Third party Google Drive applications must be enabled on your domain. 
See the dedicated Google support page.

API Access API access on your domain must be enabled. 
See the dedicated Google support page.
See the dedicated Article.


Topic Description
Browser Google Chrome only is supported.

Cookies Cookies have to be enabled. 
The following cookies need to be allowed
  • Cookie name: fwkuserdomain / Domain Cookie:
  • Cookie name: fwkusertoken / Domain Cookie:

Javascript Javascript has to be enabled.


Topic Description
Network & Bandwidth Follow Google Apps Networking Best Practices.

Proxy settings Enable HTTPS / TCP / 443
Enable App Engine IPs (link)

Firewall settings Ensure that following URLs are not blocked:*