1 - Connect with the domain administrator account. This is the only user that can create new workspaces.

2 - Go to Powertools Back-Office.

3 - In the menu, go to the section "Manage workspace" and click on the button "Create a new workspace".

4 - A prompt will then ask you if you would like to create a "Regular Workspace" or a "Team Drive" workspace. Select the appropriate option.

The main differences between a regular workspace and a Team Drive workspace are:

  • Team Drive workspace are workspaces created in Team Drive instead of Google Drive.
  • In Team Drive, there is no individual ownership of the files. Powertools thus does not transfer the ownership of the files to a corporate account.

By default, the Team Drive option is disabled. To see how to enable it and for more details on the difference between the two, check the dedicated page.

5 - If you selected the option "Regular Workspace", you will then be requested to fill the following form:


  • Workspace name: the name of your workspace.

  • Workspace owner: the account to which the ownership of all the documents within the workspace will be transferred. A technical or administrative account is recommended.  

  • Restricted sharing: defines whether your Workspace sharing permissions should be Restricted or Open.
    • Open Access: all members with at least Editor permissions can invite new members and share documents. This is the appropriate option for most of the workspaces.
    • Restricted Access: workspace managers only can invite new members to join the workspace and share documents. This is the appropriate option for workspaces containing very sensitive documents which should never be shared externally or with the whole company.

  • Workspace Manager: the user who will manage the workspace. The Workspace Manager defines permissions in the workspace, creates File Types and workflows, and have access to the workspace activity reports. See Powertools Roles for more details.

  • Push the Workspace to users' Google Drive: if this option is selected, the workspace root folder will automatically be added to the Google Drive of all users who have access to the workspace.

If you selected the option "Team Drive Workspace", you will only have to provide a Workspace name and a Workspace Manager.

6 - Click on "Create Workspace" and wait a few seconds for Powertools' magic to operate.

Congratulations, your workspace has now been created!