Within a Powertools Workspace, all files' ownership is automatically transferred to the owner account. This account is a Google account belonging to your GSuite domain and that has been assigned to a specific workspace at the time of its creation. 

This transfer of ownership has two main purposes:

  • It ensures that all files are owned by your company and not by individual users, thus eliminating the risk of losing documents whenever a user account is deleted or modified.
  • It enables Powertools specific features.

Owner account - Best Practices

Below are the best practices we recommend to optimize Powertools performances and avoid potential issues:

1 - Use a dedicated technical account

We highly recommend using as the workspace owner an account which has been created for this only purpose, and to which no user will log in their everyday job. 

Assigning an active user as the owner of the workspaces is usually a source of issues due to the owner account having access to technical and hidden folders, and due to the possibility of the user leaving the company and the difficulty of changing the owner account later. 

2 - Owners dedicated to their workspaces

We recommend having a single owner account for each workspace rather than having one account be the owner of multiple workspaces.

Our experience shows that Google Drive performance starts decreasing when a single user owns more than 100,000 files. It still works but starts getting slower and slower as the number keeps on increasing. Having one owner account dedicated to one workspace thus restricts the risk of reaching this limit and seeing performances decrease. 

Force the change of ownership of a file

The change of ownership of the files added to a workspace happens automatically approximately every two minutes. However, if you just added a file and are willing to use Powertools features on this file immediately, you can force the change of ownership of this file.

To do so:

1 - Select the file you want to force the change of ownership of.

2 - Click on the Powertools icon with the orange dot at the bottom right.

3 - Wait a couple of seconds.