Add users or groups to a Workspace

As a Workspace Manager, you have two options for adding users or groups to a Workspace.

Option 1: add and manage users directly from Google Drive

Note: this option is only available for open workspaces. Users cannot be added directly from Drive in Restricted Workspaces.

In open Workspaces, permissions can be managed as it is natively managed in Drive. As a Workspace Manager you have "Editor" permissions on the Workspace and can thus add new users or groups as you usually would in a Drive folder. 

Option 2: add and manage users from the Powertools Back Office

Note: adding a user to a Workspace from the Powertools BackOffice will add the user to the root of the Workspace and thus give them access to the integrity of the Workspace content.

  • Within the Powertools back-office, click on the “Manage Users / Groups” button on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the “Add Users / Groups” button



Once the “Add Users / Groups” form is open: 
  • Enter the email of the user or group.
  • Select the role to assign.
  • Select the workspaces the user or group should be added to.
  • Click the “Add” button to save and close.


Delete a user or group from a Workspace

To delete a user from a Workspace, you have to remove his access to all files and folders.

Option 1: the user has access to the whole workspace

If the user or group has access to the whole workspace, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to remove them directly from Google Drive and from the root of the Workspace.

After removing a user from the root folder, just wait a few minutes for Google Drive to cascade the change to all subfolders and files.

Option 2: the user has access to just a few files and folders in the workspace

If the user or group has access to just a few files in the Workspace, the best way to remove his access is to do it from the Powertools BackOffice.

To proceed,

  • Go to the BackOffice
  • Select in the menu the item "Manage Users / Groups"
  • Select in the list the User you want to delete and click on the button "MORE"


In the popup, Powertools displays each file and folder the user has access to.

  • To remove access to the files or folders individually, click on the trash button.
    Note: after removing access to a folder, the access to the files contained in this folder will be removed by Drive automatically. Depending on the size of the folder, it might take a few minutes before the change happens.

  • To remove access to all files and folders, click on "Remove all Access Rights".
    Note: due to the way Drive manages permissions, if the user has access to more than 50 files and folders, removing all access is not possible from the Powertools BackOffice. In this case, we recommend removing access to the main folders from Drive directly first, and then remove the remaining few files from the Powertools Back Office.

Once all permissions have been removed, the user will be automatically removed from the list of users in the Workspace within the next 24h.