What is a file type?

File Types are a solution for companies with a lot of documents to classify, organize, and retrieve their content more easily

They are defined by the administrators or Workspace Managers and reflect the needs of the company. They can be Invoices, Contracts, Training document... The possibilities are endless.

Metadata can be added to File Types to allow an even more powerful classification, organization, and retrieval of files

Workflows can be applied to File Types when there is a need for a structured process around specific type of file

Business Rules can be applied to File Types when there is a need to automate some behavior around a specific type of file, such as setting an expiry date. 

Identify a document with a file type

A document can be recognized as having been classified either through tags or through a File Type when the properties icon next to this file appears active and with the green dot:

By hovering the icon with the mouse pointer, users can know directly the type of the document.

To see more details, users can click on the properties icon and open the Powertools properties popup showing the File Type and its metadata value.