Please find the new features available in this new release:

  • Check-in, check-out
  • Archive a file or a folder
  • Delete a file or a folder
  • Workflow delegation

Check-in, check-out:

Now, users have the possibility to lock files. It works for all formats (MS Office, Google doc,...)

Archive a file or a folder

We implemented a new menu, so it's now very easy to archive a folder (and those subfolders) or a file.

when a project is finished, don't forget to archive it.

If you want to restore an archived folder or file, please use the back-end:

(only the workspace managers can restore an archived folder or file).

Delete a file or folder

Now, business users can delete their files or folder safely!

When a user deletes a file in a workspace, Powertools moves it automatically to a trash folder. The file is no more accessible or visible to the business users.

The file has not been completely deleted and each workspace manager can restore it through the back-end:

Workflow delegation

Now, the Workspace Manager can validate all files instead of validators. Just in case of someone is missing...

The process is very straightforward: