Powertools gives you the possibility to search for files using advanced criteria like tags, metadata, document type or workspace name. You can also restrict the search to a specific folder or Workspace.

1. How to activate  Powertools Advanced Search?

By default, the search is the Google Drive search. If you want to use the Powertools search, just activate it by clicking on the "Search ++" button:

2. How to Restrict a search to a specific folder?
  • Go to the folder you want to search in
  • Enter your search criteria (metadata, tags, keyword, ...)
  • Select in the list, "search in folder" button


3. Search using advanced criteria (tag, metadata,...)

Our advanced search enables users to search using advanced criteria like tag, metadata, workspaces and file types.

We propose 2 ways to enter your search criteria:

    Option 1: use  autocomplete to enter your search criteria

 Start typing the word you are looking for, and a panel will automatically present you with all the answers. See the example below with the "Legal" Word.

    Option 2: use the Powertools syntax 

You can also mix specific commands t search for documents with tags, document type, version, etc...

The syntax is the following:
  • To find document with a specific tag, use the tag: command followed by the name of the tag you want to find,
  • Use the doctype: command followed by the name of the file type you want to find,
  • Use the meta: command followed by metadata name,
  • Use the workspace: command followed by workspace name,
  • Use the version: +current command to find the current version of a document,
  • To find all versions of a document, use the version: +all command