When you create a Workspace, you can choose between a restricted or an open Workspace

Restricted Workspaces

This option is recommended if:

  • You want to prevent users from sharing documents and forbid everyone but the Workspace Manager to give access the Workspace.
  • You have sensitive contents and want to be sure that nobody has the possibility to share content with external users.

  • Users can't modify sharing permissions on folders and files
  • Only the Workspace manager can add give access the Workspace, and only through the back office

To consider:
  • Workspace Managers can add or modify new members only to the root folder of the Workspace and not to subfolders
  • Workspace Managers can manage access only via the BackOffice 
  • Only the Owner account can add or modify access rights directly to a subfolder or a file
  • Only the Owner account receives notifications when a user wants to access a specific file or folder 

Open Workspaces


This option is recommended if:

  • You want to allow editors to add new users to the workspace.
  • You are fine with editors being able to share files and folders.


  • Writers can modify permissions on folders and files
  • Writers can manage access rights directly in Drive

To consider:

  • With this option, you cannot prevent users with Editor permissions to share files and folders with anyone internal or even external to the company.