Powertools is the only Document Management System for Google Drive that is fully compatible with Team Drive. You can use all of Powertools' features such as documents classification, advanced search, or workflows within Team Drive.

To do so, two steps ar required:

  1. Enable Team Drive Workspaces on your domain. This needs to be done only once.
  2. Create Team Drive Workspaces.

Note: Team Drive is a Google Drive feature that is available only for GSuite Business customers. You will not be able to create Team Drive workspaces if you do not have a GSuite Business license. 

How to enable Team Drive Workspaces on your domain

Only the Google administrator can activate Team Drive.

  • Go to the Powertools backend
  • In the menu, select Settings > Team Drive support
  • Select a technical account and click on the button "ENABLE TEAM DRIVE SUPPORT"
    • The technical account is a corporate account who will become "owner of all Team Drive's Workspaces". In reality, this account will become a member of all Team Drive's Workspaces. 
    • We use this account to perform actions like adding tags, archiving and watching the activity. 
    • Please, do not remove this account as a member of the Team Drive's Workspaces