There are two main areas where end users can view workflow instances and take actions when appropriate: the workflows dashboard and the file's properties popup.

The workflow dashboard is the place where each user will be able to:

  • See the list of actions pending on them.
  • Keep track of the workflows they started and of their current status.
  • Access the history of workflows in which they played a role and that are finalized. 

Accessing the workflow dashboard

The shortcut to open the dashboard is located at the top right of the Google Drive page and can be identified with the following icon:

The red dot appears only if that at least one task is pending on the user to take action.


Once open, the workflow dashboard looks as below: 


From the dashboard, users have access to three main tabs:

  • PENDING: the list of tasks currently pending on an action of the user. 

  • MY WORKFLOWS: the list of instances started by the user and not yet finished.

  • HISTORY: the list of finished instances started by the user or in which they took action.


The dashboard also allows to start “Free” workflows - workflows that do not require a file to run. To do so, users can click on the “START WORKFLOW” button at the top right of the screen and then select the appropriate workflow.


Pending tab

In the PENDING tab, you can see the list of tasks currently pending on an action of the user. It shows the following details:

  • Due date: a clock appearing in green if there are more than 3 days left to complete the task, orange if there are 3 days or less left, and red if the deadline has been missed. If there is no due date, the clock appears in blue.

  • #: the workflow instance number. This number is generated automatically when the instance is started and is unique per workflow.

  • Workflow: the name of the workflow in which an action is required.

  • Task: the task currently pending on the user.

  • Initiator: the initiator of the workflow.

  • Document: a shortcut to the document.

  • Actions: if there are no mandatory fields to be filled in the task form, the list of actions appear here as a shortcut for the user to be able to take multiple actions quickly.


Detailed view

When clicking on a workflow instance from the dashboard, the detailed view of the selected instance opens.

In this view, users can see the details of the current task and take action, but also the actions taken and the data submitted by the other users in the previous tasks. 



The document linked to the workflow can also be accessed directly by clicking on the document name, and the list of metadata of this document can also be reminded by expanding the header.