Once a manager has designed or edited its workflow, in order to fully deploy it and make it available for users in Google Drive, the following steps need to be followed:

1 - Save your changes

Click on the “SAVE VERSION” button at the top right of the modeler tab to deploy the current version.

A new popup appears in which it is recommended to provide a description of the changes performed on the new version.

In this popup, managers can take a shortcut and enable "Make this version live and activate it in Google Drive". If you check this option, your new version will be made live and your workflow will be activated immediately.
However, it is highly recommended not to use this option unless you are 100% sure that the workflow is fully working and stable. 
As a guideline, we recommend using this switch only when deploying a minor change on a workflow that was already fully tested.

If you checked the switch, the deployment process stops here. If not, proceed to the next step.

2 - Test the new version

Before making a workflow available to users in Drive, it is highly recommended to test the different possible use-cases to make sure that everything runs as expected and that your workflow instances never end up in an unstable state.

To do so, go to the "Versions" tab. Next to the last version saved, click on the "Play" icon to launch a simulation of this version.

To view details on how to use the simulator, see the dedicated section.

3 - Make the version live


After testing the version and making sure it is fully stable and behaves as expected, you can now make this version live - aka the one that will be available to users in Google Drive.

To do so, just enable the "Go Live" switch next to your new version.

4 - Activate the workflow in Drive

This last step only needs to be performed a single time at creation, or if the workflow was previously disabled.

Go to the “Info” tab and activate the workflow by enabling the switch “Is Active”. Activating the workflow means making it available to users in Google Drive.

Congratulations, your workflow is now ready and available in Google Drive!