The new features available in the 1 August 2017 release are:

  • Rename files with advanced workflows: automatically rename your files based on their metadata values and ensure a consistent naming convention across all files of specific types. 

  • Move files with advanced workflows: move your files around automatically during their life cycle. Make sure the approved drafts get moved to the "Published" folder, the invoices leave the "Processing" folder after sending payment, and the travel expenses are moved to the "Archive" folder after being approved and reimbursed. 

  • Create files and folders with advanced workflows: define a standard project folders structure through a workflow and automatically generate the folders for every new project, with all subfolders and files templates added to the rights folders and subfolders. 

  • Assign workflow tasks dynamically: now with user fields in the workflow forms, users can define who the next task should be assigned to dynamically during the execution of the workflow.

  • Parallel and inclusive gateways in advanced workflows: workflows can now multitask and save time on your overall process by running multiple branches simultaneously.