View your current subscription details

To view your current subscription details, connect with the domain admin account and go in Powertools' back office.

From there, open the "My Account" section in the menu. This gives you access to two options:

  • My plan
  • Billing / Payments

My plan

This section gives you the details of:

  1. Your number of users licenses and documents allowances
  2. Your plan renewal date
  3. The total yearly cost of your plan

From this section, you can also upgrade your pricing plan or increase your number of licenses. See the details in the dedicated section below.

Billing / Payments

This section takes you to our billing platform where you will be able to:
  • View and edit your account details
  • View and edit your payment mode
  • View and edit your billing details
  • View your payments history and download your invoices
  • View your subscription details

Upgrade your subscription

There are two operations that you can perform on your own and directly from Powertools Back Office when it comes to upgrading your subscription:

  • Increase your number of licenses
  • Upgrade your billing plan

Increase your number of licenses

From the "My Plan" section, select the option "Edit My Plan".

Click on the pen next to the number of users to edit your number of licenses and enter the new number. Your new subscription cost will be automatically calculated. 

  • The "Total cost" represents the new yearly cost you will have to pay at each renewal.
  • The "Users additional cost" represents the prorated cost that will be charged immediately for the new users and for the remaining time before your next subscription renewal. 

Click on "Validate" and then "Confirm" in the confirmation popup.

The payment popup below appears.

From there you can complete or update your payment method if necessary by clicking on "Complete", or you can proceed directly to the payment of the prorated cost by clicking on "Pay".

Upgrade your billing plan

From the "My Plan" section, select the option "Upgrade to Business Plan". If you do not have the option or wishes to upgrade to our Enterprise plan, please reach out to us directly.

You will be redirected to the plan selection page. Click on "Subscribe" next to the new plan you wish to select.

A confirmation popup then summarizes:

  • Your new total yearly cost
  • The prorated cost for the remaining of your subscription time before the next renewal. This cost will be charged as soon as you confirm the upgrade.

As soon as you click on "Confirm upgrade", you will get access to all the Powertools features linked to your new plan.