Powertools is an application built on top of and fully integrated with Google Drive which makes it easier to leverage the full potential of Google Drive, and improves its capabilities by bringing:

  • Security to the enterprise documents
  • Enterprise Document Management capabilities
  • Documents lifecycles and Business Processes Management
  • Custom and configurable Documents Portals

1 - Securing enterprise data

Powertools for Google Drive's philosophy revolves around the fact that corporate data and documents should be kept apart and managed differently and in a more secure way than employee's personal files.

Powertools thus manages documents inside corporate folders named "Workspaces" which brings you:

  • Dedicated company folders
    All of your company files are now grouped within dedicated folders rather than spread across the different users' Drive. No more mixing personal and enterprise documents. No more losing documents.

  • Corporate ownership of the documents¬†
    The ownership of any file added in a Workspace is transferred to a dedicated corporate account, eliminating the risk of losing files and data whenever employees leave or move within your company.

  • A common folder structure for everyone¬†
    Workspaces can be automatically pushed to the user's Drive, ensuring that everyone sees and has access to the same folder structure.

  • Reporting capabilities
    Get reports on who has access to what, which documents are shared externally or with the whole company, and take immediate corrective actions. 

2 - Document Management Capabilities

The more files are added to a company's Drive, the harder it gets to find the appropriate documents. Thankfully, Powertools allows users to classify and retrieve documents within your Drive through:

  • Tags
    Add custom tags to your documents to be able to retrieve them much more easily later.

  • Classify documents with File Type
    Define your own File Types with a set of associated metadata and use them to classify documents. You can now retrieve all of your invoices from a specific customer in just a couple of seconds.

  • Advanced search
    Use Powertools enhanced search to find your documents based on your tags or metadata values.

  • Business Rules
    No more forgetting to renew a contract that is about the expire, you can now receive automatic notification or archive the documents automatically whenever they reach their expiry dates.

3 - Business Process Management

Powertools brings you the most visual, versatile and powerful workflow on G Suite! Visually create any business process and run it directly from your Drive.

  • Graphical Modeler
    An intuitive and easy to use modeler that will allow you to design even the most advanced workflows.

  • Customizable forms
    Create and customize the forms of each step of your workflow. Set as many fields as you need and make them optional or mandatory.

  • Conditional and parallel branches
    Create workflows that will run in different branches depending on your user's input or your documents' metadata, or even in multiple branches at the same time!

  • Take actions anytime, anywhere
    With the ability to take action directly from the email notification, you can fulfill a workflow step directly from your mobile or tablet. Anytime. Anywhere.

4 - Custom and configurable Documents Portals

With Powertools Smart Views, provide company-wide access to select content through a portal such as Multimedia Libraries or Quality Assurance Portals.

  • Fully Configurable
    Define if the Smart View should display a specific folder content, or all files matching a specific set of filters independently of their location.

  • Integrate it as a Widget
    Integrate your Smart View within your current company portal such as LumApps or Google Sites, and provide direct visibility to strategic files.

  • Customizable
    Customize the Smart View to match your brand and business needs.