This article describes how to use the new Powertools popup to work even more intuitively and efficiently with Powertools for Google Drive! 

Access the properties popup

The way to access the properties popup does not change. You can either open it by clicking on the "Properties" badge next to your file...

Or using the Powertools action button!

The header section 

In the header section, you can see multiple details:

  • The current version number and the document status appear next to the document title.
    The version number will show "Draft" as long as the version has not been finalized.
    The document status can be updated through the workflows.

  • The buttons to download the file as PDF or in its original format, as well as the "Edit in Office" button for office documents are on the top right corner.

Edit the file description
The file description is now a major part of the Powertools window. Click on "EDIT" on the right side to edit it, and then "SAVE".

Edit the tags attached to the file

Tags are now much more visible, right below the description area. 

To add or remove tags click on the "EDIT" button on the right side. You can then type in new tags or remove existing ones by clicking on the "X" next to them. When you are done, just hit "SAVE".

Edit the File Type and Metadata

Adding a File Type or editing Metadata has never been easier. Make sure the dedicated section is expanded and click on "EDIT". You can then select the File Type you want in the dropdown list at the top, type in your metadata, and hit "SAVE.


View workflows history and start new workflows

The history of workflows on the file is still available in its dedicated section. Click on any of those workflow instances to see the details of what was done and by who, and which step remains to be taken.

You can start new workflows by clicking on the dedicated button at the top of the window and selecting the appropriate workflow in the ide panel.

Manage attachments

Attachments can still directly be downloaded, either one by one or in a zipped package through the buttons on the right side.

To add, remove or reorder attachments just click on the "EDIT" button, make the appropriate changes, and "SAVE".