Business Rules are the solution to remove manual work from your users' everyday job by letting Powertools take care of it automatically. Business Rules are made of two main parts:

  • The trigger
    This is the event that will trigger the automated action. This could, for instance, be the creation of a new document or the edition of a document's metadata.

  • The workflow
    The workflow handles the behavior of the Business Rule. It defines the list of actions that need to be executed once the trigger has been detected. Those actions could be automated or consist in assigning a task to specific users.

A few examples of Business Rules use-cases:

  • Launch an approval workflow when a new file is created in a specific folder.
  • Get a notification when a file is deleted from a folder.
  • Launch a dedicated invoice approval and processing workflow everytime a file is classified as an invoice.
  • Automatically move or delete a contract when its expiry date is reached.
  • Automatically tag a document when added to a specific folder.
  • Automatically apply a naming convention to all contracts.
  • ...