STEP 1 - Create the workflow

Start by creating a workflow startable by a Business Rule. To do so, when creating your workflow make sure to enable the "Startable by a Business Rule" option.

To understand how to create and use workflows, please refer to the dedicated KB article.

STEP 2 - Create the Business Rule

From Drive, go in the Powertools settings list and select "Manage Business Rules".

At the bottom of the new window, click on "New Business Rule".

From there, you need to provide the following details:

    The description of your Business Rules. This field is purely informative and is here to help you remember what each Business Rule does and find them more easily later on. Put the most precise description possible.

    What your Business Rule applies to. It can be a Folder, a File Type, or both. Depending on the trigger selected, a Folder or a File Type can be mandatory.

    The event that triggers your Business Rule. The list of triggers and their description is available below.

    The workflow to be started by the Business Rule. Select the workflow created in STEP 1.

The Business Rule can be enabled or disabled using the button next to the description.

Save it, and you're done! Your Business Rule is now ready and will start automating your Drive.