With Powertools, you can save the version of a document at any point in time. Saving a document's version means that in the future, you will be able to consult the versions history and retrieve the document as it was when the version was saved.

Powertools versioning works in the following way:

  • By default, a document has no version number.
  • Whenever a first version is saved, this becomes "V1". As long as the document is not edited, this remains the document's version.
  • As soon as a change is made in the document, the version number becomes "V2 DRAFT". The version V1 is still available in the versions history.
  • When the current version of the document is saved, the version number becomes "V2".
  • If further changes are made, the version would become "V3 DRAFT". And so on...

Versions can be saved manually through user action, or automatically during the lifecycle of a document with a workflow task